Welfare.... is it fair?

After working a 14 hour day I talked to my ex on the phone. We were both shopping for groceries. This is a man makes a good living but had surgery a few weeks back so he cant work right now. Fine. I understand that. He then starts talking about his EBT (which i found out is a welfare card) and his WIC checks. I was like WAIT!!! You are still getting checks from your employer and you are getting disability AND he has a girlfriend who is now working and living in the house and he gets welfare. WTF? He also has a fast fancy car, a 52" flat screen TV, Playstation 3, a wii, 2 laptops in the house and everything else one could want yet he gets welfare? WTF? Oh and of course he has the internet. I had heard that when you own lots of stuff that the welfare people tell you to sell it for extra income. I just cant justify him getting welfare when he can afford a fancy car payment and stuff. I know people who would love to have help just buying food and they dont qualify but he can sit up with flat screen TVs laptops playstations and a fancy car and can get help.  I'm very pro giving help to those who need it but DAMN. I guess this just pissed me off bc I had been working all day and there he was buying crab legs and lobster tail with EBT and I was buying chicken breast bc it was on sale. Photobucket

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