Well, isn't this vile.

Excuse me, I just threw up in my mouth a little reading this shit:

John Derbyshire On Abolitionist Porn And Antebellum Economics

Seriously, it is vomit inducing. It takes a very special kind of stupid to defend slavery as “not that bad” and to call an anti-slavery movie “abolitionist porn”. According to John “White Privilege Knows No Bounds” Derbyshire, movie like this totes cover up the fact that slavery wasn’t THAT bad. Sure, there were a few bad apples in the fellow-human-owning bunch, but for the most part them darkies was happy under the kindly rule of their Masters.

I am not making this up.

His “proof” that slavery wasn’t THAT bad is that there were black overseers and that there were lots of nice things freed slaves said about their masters. Here is one of his delightful examples:

“Mars George fed an’ clo’esed well an’ was kin’ to his slaves, but once in a while one would git onruly an’ have to be punished. De worse I ever seen one whupped was a slave man dat had slipped off an’ hid out in de woods to git out of wuk. Dey chased him wid blood hounds, an’ when dey did fin’ him dey tied him to a tree, stroppin’ him ’round an’ ’round. Dey sho’ did gib him a lashin’.”

According to John Derbyshire this “illustrates” his point. You know, because Mars George was “kin’” to his slaves except for the one dude the bloodhounds chased down and that the white guys beat severely. But who among us would call lashing just one man “wrong”, amirite? See? White masters were mostly peachy!

John Derbyshire also rationalizes that slavery didn’t suck all the balls because people born into slavery got used to it. Yep. He actually wrote: “People are born, raised, educated, and find themselves in a certain kind of society to which those around them are all accustomed. American slave society was a way of life; a settled way that most people took for granted, as most people will anywhere.”

He then compares slavery to communist China. Because a repressive regime is exactly the same thing as people being owned like chattel and restricts their freedoms in exactly the same way. In fact, China is a handy example of how people adjust to having their loved one sold to another plantation!

“Families broken up? One of my Chinese colleagues lived alone because his wife was “assigned” to a distant province. He only saw her once a year. The guy drank a lot. Yet while there was much grumbling, and some scattered seething rebelliousness, most Chinese got along with the system. A lot of people were very happy with it. You didn’t have to think much, or take much responsibility. And that suits many of us just fine.”

Golly, I never knew separation from a spouse and the oppression of a brutal government was something that suited many of us just fine! I am sure I would “adjust” if Sweet Babou was taken from me. If someone ripped my daughters out of my arms and raped them because they were pretty, I am sure I would think it was nothing too heinous, what with a lot of people being happy to be slaves. Happy because they didn’t have to think or take much responsibility. You know dem black folks love having whites around to make dem hard decisions!

Of course John Derbyshire thinks that, “Personally, I’d be a terrible slave—too ornery. I know people, though—and I’m talking about white people—who I quietly suspect would be happy in slavery.” How nice that he is too independent but he can tell who would be happy to bear the yolk of being owned like a damn dog!

Wait! There is MORE. John Derbyshire also cites the example of a master who appreciated his slave’s unpaid labors at the threat of physical punishment as an example of this benign institution:

“A slaveholding Confederate soldier who had to send his body servant home insisted upon his early return. “He is a great darky—worth his weight in gold even in these hard times,” he glowed, explaining. “He can tell you what things I principally need & more fully than I can write—he knows more about it anyway than I do, knows more about what I have and what I need—he attends to it all.”

How nice that he likes the fact his slave does a great job! I’m sure the threat of being sold or whipped --- not to mention the vulnerability of all those he loved – influenced the man’s devotion in any way!

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