Welsh Cakes



How I love Welsh Cakes! They're delicious, easy and fun to make. The 12 year old mini chef in this house loves to help making the dough and cutting out the cakes (and meanwhile eating half of it before it ever reaches the pan...).

Actually all the kids we've introduced them to, had an instant crush on these little cakes. Adults alike by the way.

British people who read this post, might raise an eyebrow about what I'm going to say next. Because I serve them for breakfast, not as a teatime snack. I hope they don't mind, as they really make a great weekend breakfast for me! I like to slightly underbake them, so they're still pretty soft on the inside.

While preparing the cakes, we always brag about how many we are going to eat. But they're pretty heavy, so in reality I've never managed to eat more than three. Although le mini chef accomplished a household record of five last time we made them!

Find the recipe at Eva in the Kitchen


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