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It may not come as a shock to you, but bloggers love to write. So when you gather a bunch of bloggers together for a big conference, they're going to write about their experiences. (I know, duh, right?) Our BlogHer '12 attendees have been writing up a storm since they got home from the conference, sharing their highs and lows, their great pics and their "I think that looks like Sparklecorn because of all the glowsticks" iPhone shots. We've been reading along, laughing and crying, making notes for next year and years to come. We've been hearing you, BlogHer '12 attendees. And we want others to hear you too.

We thought we'd share a few, like we shared moments on Wednesday, to inspire you to keep sharing with us, with each other.

While there are some great write-ups about Katie Couric's keynote, you have to check out JC Little of The Animated Woman and her toony take on it.

Katie Couric was undeniably animated.

She was talking about how the internet has unleashed good things and bad things, citing the "anonymous vitriole" on Twitter and saying "I spend a lot of time blocking them." And then she turned to one side and made stabbing gestures at an invisible smartphone, and actually said this: (click through for a good laugh)

If you missed the BlogHer Fashion Show (pics here and video here)because you thought it wasn't for you or because you aren't interested in clothing or style, Tarrant of Retro-Food describes beautifully why you missed out. (Gotta admit: This is one of my favorite posts.)

Then it started. And…immediately I saw something I didn’t expect. I saw real clothes on real women. I saw stories. I knew these women and I also knew that some of these clothes would work for me. I saw something else. For all I can say my jeans and tshirt are comfortable and me…they are the wrong sort of comfort. They are me hiding. I saw those women and remembered twirling in the red dress. I remembered great outfits I’ve had in the past and the power that comes from wearing something that you feel really good in. It isn’t body size or pattern or season or whatever passes as traditionally attractive–it is wearing something that suits you and puts you forward. I saw me in powerful clothes–not schlepping invisibly in my ill-fitting jeans and free/inexpensive t-shirts.

So, yeah, I cried a bit.

While Martha Stewart herself shared her thoughts about her keynote, Aimee's post at Moments of Exhilaration is rather inspiring.

Martha Stewart is a quitter. She’s a pro at giving up. Doesn’t sound like the Martha Stewart you know? Think again.

Martha was: a model, a stockbroker, and a caterer before she became the Martha Stewart. She was successful at all of those things, but she gave them up. It was precisely this – her ability to see her future potential and to stay hungry for more – that enabled her to become the incredible success she is today.

Imagine if Martha had simply been satisfied with good enough. At any point in her career she might have said, “This is enough. I’m successful. Why take risks or leave a career that’s stable and respectable?”

If you're wondering whether anything was learned in sessions, I can assure you learning took place. Vicki Bates at No Bad Language really broke down what she learned at the conference, and I loved her one point. It's an important one for all of us, as bloggers.

6. Blogging isn’t dead – a whole medium doesn’t die, notes Elan Morgan. Media evolve. But, if we don’t gather and talk about blogging, in the way businesses discuss strategy and the future, we lose community.

Lastly, I wanted to share a post that Barbara of Beyond Siri (who read during Voices of the Year, by the way) shared here on BlogHer. I wasn't sure what her post would be about by the title, "How BlogHer '12 Helped One Homeless Man," and I surely wasn't prepared to get weepy. Conferences go beyond meeting people and dancing and learning how to get better at what we do, don't they? This post is moving.

What did I have! Among the vibrator, the giant bottle of Lysol, the Arm & Hammer Whitening Booster, the wipes for menopausal hot flashes ("You don't need this -- yet," the rep had smiled, handing me three packages at once), I had enough granola bars, cookies, fruit roll ups, and calcium chews to feed an army.

"Have what you want," I exclaimed, thrilled to be able to help.

Faced with the offerings, the man reached out and took a single Greek yogurt bar. "This is all I need," he said.

Obviously, I can't quote every post written about the conference, but we are reading them all, taking your thoughts, opinions and experiences into account and shaping next year's BlogHer '13 in Chicago. We encourage you, like we did on our post about what you tweeted after and our staff' members "moments," to leave a link to your post-conference post here. Really. Do it. We want to read it. We need to read it! Even if you have a bone to pick with us, and perhaps, especially so. The attendees of next year's conference need us to read them so we can continue to make it the conference the community built.

That said, be sure to click around and read not only these that I've shared, but the ones that will pop up in the comments and those you might find in the #blogher12 hashtag on twitter. We all had different experiences, even if we attended all of the same things. Click around, leave comments, meet people that you probably walked by but didn't "know" at the time. Doing so only continues to foster the community that we love so dearly.


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