We're the Real Beastie Boys: Fight for Your Right, Revisited

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Watch out for Will Ferrell. Or is that Ad-Rock?

"We bring a super-fresh, old-school throwdown dance contest from the future," Ferrell's Ad-Rock says in "Fight for Your Right Revisited," a trailer for the 30-minute Beastie Boys film of the same name, accompanying the long-awaited new record "Hot Sauce Committee, Part Two". MCA/Adam Yauch calls it "the long-ass video thing" on the Beasties blog. It features clips from the guys' new song "Make Some Noise," also available for listening on their blog.

NSFW/Kids (Language)

If you had trouble keeping track, one futuristic Beastie Boys' lineup featured Danny McBride as MCA/Adam Yauch, Elijah Wood as Ad-Rock and Seth Rogen as your friendly neighborhood Fila-wearing Mike D. But wait! On the other side is MCA Jack Black, Ad-Rock Ferrell and John Goodman as Mike D..

"No, WE'RE the real Beastie Boys," that crew says, and it's on.

If you've been around for awhile, you know that the Beastie Boys do what they want. This clip takes the original "(You Gotta) Fight for Your Right" video -- released in 1986, by the way. 1986! -- to the streets. There is much smashing of bodega windows and bottles and bad break dancing (show me a funnier thing on the Internet today than Will Ferrell grabbing his leg from behind, honestly.) The number of cameos will make your little hip-hop head spin, but standouts include Susan Sarandon as a frowsed-up version of the mom from the original video, Ted Danson as a bartender and an Ad-Rock (er, Elijah Woods)-shanking Chloë Sevigny.

"This is something you can't even make sense of until you've been to the future, and spent time there," MCA Jack Black says.


Zach Galifianakis, Orlando Bloom, Amy Poehler, Alicia Silverstone, Maya Rudolph, David Cross, Kirsten Dunst and Laura Dern are among the stars slated for the 30-minute film.

It's good to see this all coming together for the boys, after a delay of touring and the release of this record due to MCA's cancer diagnosis last summer. Hot Sauce Committee Part Two drops on May 3. Pre-orders available for digital download at midnight that night via the Beastie Boys website.

I admit nothing, but if you were around for the original? I bet you have your eye on May 3. As Danny McBride said,

"It felt super cool. The moment you start rapping into a fisheye lens, you realize you've been training for it your whole life."

Laurie White writes at LaurieWrites. Her photos are on Flickr.


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