We're Still Buzzing About BlogHer Entrepreneurs '12

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Yes, we're still buzzing about BlogHer Entrepreneur's 12. I have to admit something though: I totally stole that line from one of our attendees. She tweeted it this past Friday, a week after the conference ended, and I thought it was just perfect for today's post which brings you some great write-ups about the two day event.

See? Just perfect.

I have to admit: We love reading what people write about our conferences after the fact. It helps us make our future conferences even better. One thing that has been exceptionally great about the posts after BlogHer Entrepreneurs is that they are all incredibly inspiring!

Photo Credit: Danielle Tsi.

Take for example Keiko at The Infertility Voice. She wrote to incredibly wonderful posts about her takeaway from the conference. In her first post, she tries to explain to her readers what she experienced -- and even why she went!

I was doubtful if BlogHer Entrepreneurs was going to be a good fit for me; I’m hardly a tech startup seeking venture capitol funding.

But as a small business owner, I learned a lot. In fact, I have a whole separate post on what I’ve learned and where I need to start making waves of my own.

And on that plane ride home from San Jose back to Boston, I realized that the infertility community could learn a lot from entrepreneurs, too. So much, in fact, I need to split this into two posts.

Her second post goes on to inspire those making their way through the world of infertility treatments. I love the encouragement and inspiration she brings to her readers on the heels of having been encouraged and inspired herself.

Helen Jonsen had some great things to say about the conference as well.

I spent two days immersed in the business side of new media with the deep thinkers who come up with the ideas to create apps and web-based businesses, and the content that goes with them, who change and affect our lives, most of them women. I attended the BlogHer Entrepreneurs conference in the heart of Silicon Valley. Without these entrepreneurs, we wouldn’t have a place for content geeks like me to have new platforms on which to create. And since these entrepreneurs need money, this was a chance for them to learn more about the process of meeting and tapping angel investors and venture capitalists.

It was a heady immersion, chatting with and listening to speakers and mentors who are at the top of their games and being stimulated by the kind of new entrepreneurs who will be household names tomorrow.

She goes on in her post about specific speakers and stories that moved her. I really liked her statement that "nothing ended on time," because so many great things were happening in panels and other discussions. Love it!

Chelle Goldenberg at My So-Called Geek Girl Life attended the BET conference last year (that's what Entrepreneurs was called last year!) and was there this year as well. She shared what made this conference so great.

It’s not just the workshops, and it’s not just the mentors. It’s the people, the information, and the amazing inspiration that comes from listening to the success stories, the goals, and also the challenges of starting and growing a business from the ground up. Learning about venture capital, angel investors, and the whole process is amazing.

Even for me, someone who is working toward developing a B Corp (a new type of corporation which uses the power of business to solve social and environmental problems) with a focus on a prevailing social issue in my community, it was amazing. My mentor was an attorney with a firm who specializes in startups and helping them incorporate (among other things).

Three very different entrepreneurs with three great takeaways? Love it. I think the best part of these posts is that these attendees were doing their part in sharing the inspiration they got from the conference. Maybe that sparked something in a reader and it will just continue on down the line. That's why we love our community so much.

As we wrap up our buzz, I want to remind you that our liveblogs are, yes, live! We have a limited number of photos up with more to come soon, so look for an announcement when the rest come in! As always, we want to hear what you thought and experienced at our conference, so don't hesitate to comment or tweet us!


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