We're Live Tweeting Downton Abbey! Join Us!

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It was bound to happen. BlogHers -- and pretty much everyone else -- are frothing at the mouth for this addictive series from MASTERPIECE and Jane, Julie, and Kellie are no exception.  Join them tonight (and hopefully every Sunday night hereafter) as they live tweet this week's journey through Downton Abbey [#DowntonPBS] ...#BlogHer style. 

If you're a Downton Abbey fan not already following @BlogHerPop on twitter, now would be a good time to hop on over and do so.


...Meanwhile I'll be plugging my ears in the corner (or covering my eyes, whatever) trying to avoid spoilers while I play catch up on the show.  Click HERE for schedule and information.

Are you watching Downton Abbey?  Are you hooked yet?