Wes Welker -- overrated player of the week


It's Sunday! What does that mean? Funday? Well maybe not. But I do have a new segment. Every Sunday I will be writing on players I think are overrated or underrated and why. This week I will be talking about Wes Welker.

Being a Patriots fan I have a lot of experience watching Wes and I never thought he was quite as elite as stated for a few reasons.

  • His Release --- Wes Welker is viewed as a top notch receiver in the NFL but for a guy who has had so many catches he cannot get off the line. Two games stick out to me. The first when Welker was on the Pats he continually had trouble against Ike Taylor of the Steelers. Taylor is notorious for pressing receivers at the line and is a well known corner back, bur he also is an aging player who lost a lot of speed. Welker being an elite receiver should be able to burn Ike Taylor like his teammate D.Thomas did during the Tebow days or the Patriots Aaron Dobson did earlier this year. The second game I think about is the Patriots Broncos game of this year where Welker was wrapped up by Kyle Arrington a corner known for only being able to cover slot receivers, which leads to my next point.
  • One Dimensional --- As effective as Welker is as a slot receiver he is just that.... a slot receiver. Welker can only be effective over the middle of the field. He's not like a Percy Harvin who plays in the slot but has speed to beat teams deep or Tavon Austin who has terrific after the catch ability. Welker is not going to be beating corners 1v1 on posts or steaks down the field, he is limited to the middle of the field or short routes, which limits his effectiveness.
  • Hands --- As many catches as Welker has made for the Patriots and now the Broncos he has dropped as many passes as any receiver over the past few years. This year he is currently tied for first …. or last with 10 dropped passes this year. A great receiver cannot drop that many passes.
  • No Clutch Ability --- Lastly there is Welker's relative inability to avoid mistakes during big games. In the Patriots second Superbowl match up against the Giants Welker dropped a catch that would have sealed the win, and against the Patriots this year Welker had a key pass broken up, couldn't get open, and had that horrible mistake on the punt return that cost the Broncos the game.

Welker is a terrific slot receiver but he's not a world beater and anyone who says he is an elite receiver is simply wrong.


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