Wesley The Owl by Stacy O'Brien

Wesley the Owl is one of the cutest books I’ve ever read. When I heard about it, since I love Owls, I rushed out to get it, but then I realized I had to learn more about taking care of an Owl then I cared to. What made this story special is that it’s a love story about an Owl and his human.

The Owl tries to take care of Stacey by trying to feed it the mouse (gross but so cute), it tried to mate with her, and Wesley the Owl did something very special. It showed me the reader that Owls have feelings. Yes, at one point in the book, Wesley made a mistake and Stacey laughed at him, and poor Wesley wouldn’t look at Stacey because he was embarrassed.

This book surprised me because I didn’t think I would like it. I was afraid that I would be very bored with it, even though I love owls, but not enough to read about its daily life. However, O’Brian really personifies the little guy and the more she tells you about Wesley, the more you also fall in love with him.

This book is really quite unique and I think people should read it to gain a stronger understanding of not just Owls, but also how much animals and humans are a lot alike.



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