West Texas Thunderstorm - a poem

Thunder shakes the night
Wind spurs adrenaline
No sleep now

On the porch, we watch the storm
Safe behind screens, we still feel the gusts
We hear the trees slap the roof
Lightning flashes sudden daylight
The lake churns
The reeds whip
Rivers form around our cabin
Hail drifts like snow
The violence increases
The storm steals our peace
Adults pace
Children whimper

But then


The rain softens


The air smells cool and soft, caressing our cheeks

The clouds retreat revealing starry Christmas lights
The lawn is strewn with sequins, bouncing light in a ping-pong match with the moon

A lone fisherman tests the now still waters

Slowly, the frogs start their victory song
While in the distance, the lightning show performs for another audience

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