Western Doctors Take Your Gyne-Lotrimin And Shove It!



Today my dear friend baby sat so I could go on a long walk. I also did a little self care by wandering around China Town until I found a Chinese doctor. Usually it's a man  in his fifties or sixties sitting in the back of a store that has the distinct odor of herbs stored away in drawers. There's usually an old fashioned scale which is used to weigh the herbs after the doctor writes a prescription. I'll tell you one thing, I used to have yeast infections years ago (TMI) and I went to a chinese doctor in China Town and he wrote me a prescription for some nasty tea that I went home, boiled in a clay pot and drank. I haven't gotten another yeast infection in 23 years so western doctors take your gyne-lotrimin creme and shove it! 

Well today I went into the doc for peri menopausal symptoms and nausea from a nasty flu like bug I got from my daughter. i've had this nausea for over a week and nothing would stop it. I boiled the herbs the doc gave me, drank one cup and the nausea  has stopped. Ladies, before you rush off to the pharmacy for toxic drugs, I suggest you stop off in your neighborhood China Town and give it a try.

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