We've done a lot this morning and it's only 8:30! Welcome to my world, honey!

This is what my 29 yr old niece says to me on our way to meet the grandparents for breakfast yesterday morning.  She  is up from southern California to visit us, her cousins and grandparents.

The night before we had the family over to visit with her and celebrate the girl child's 31st birthday.  It was the usual loud, rowdy gathering.  With 5 grandchildren, it can get that way!  There was swimming, dinner, brownies and ice cream.  Like I said, the usual family gathering.  The problem started the next morning...at 5am.

My  husband gets up for work at 5 am, by 5:15 he is back in the bedroom looking through his clothes from the previous evening, then on the floor, the dressing, in the bathroom.  I finally ask from my comfy bed what he was looking for.  He can't find his wallet.  Oh my...he never loses anything.  Well, he never loses anything as important as his wallet, we won't talk about the little things he misplaces.  So now I'm up helping.  By 6 am, I am texting our boy child to look in his father's office to see if he left it on his desk.  He texts back that it is not there.  The boy child heads back home to check the diaperbag.  It may have been scooped up  the night before when they were packing up the kids stuff.  I head outside to check the truck in my pjs, I peer into the garage can and after eyeing corn cobs from the night before, I hope that we won't have to search through that mess!  We check my SUV, the backyard and the husband heads to the office to look.

By now the niece is up wondering what is going on and joins in the search.  Soon husband  is back, the boy child shows up and proceeds to flip over chairs and moving the couch.  After going through drawers, cabinets, the trash (husband braved the corn cobs), we are at a loss.  The niece goes into her room to look, but the door was closed last night and why would it be in there?  She looks around in her stuff and peeks under the bed.  And there, just under the bedskirt is husbands black, velcro, SF giants wallet!  Crazy!  Yes, it's crazy to find it under her bed and crazy that my 55 yr old husband carries a velcro wallet!  Hugs and cheering all around, husband and boy child head out to work, niece and I go about getting ready to go to breakfast.

As we drive off, niece looks at me and says "Uncle has a teenager wallet"  I agree, but he like it and has his reasons for it.  Then she sighs and say "We've done a lot this morning and it's only 8:30!

This is my crazy world and I wouldn't trade it for anything!

Oh, how did the wallet get under her bed?  The best we can figure, grandchild #4 likes to hide things and he likes his grandpa's velcro wallet!