We've got the makings for a sit com...


I certainly never planned my life to be like this, and if you had asked me 5 years ago, or even 1 year ago if I thought that I would be raising my son by myself, with the help of my mom and dad who live in the guest house in my back yard I would have howled with laughter.  But, here we are.

I lived in Arizona with my boyfriend when I had my son.  My boyfriend suffered from Multiple Sclerosis and the heat was really hard on him, and he loved mountains.  I was originally from Oregon and after I had the baby it made sense to come back home.   It took me about 4 months to find a job about 200 miles away from my parents.

I remember commenting to my boyfriend, " well, that's not too bad - we are close enough that we can see them every once in a while, but far enough away that we don't HAVE to see them every day."

We made the move up to Oregon, baby in tow and got settled into our new routine.  I was working, he was a stay at home dad and baby was growing.  Then we had some problems.  Problems I won't get into but they involved a neighbor woman, large amounts of misused medications, and general yuckiness.  Eventually, I kicked him out.

I asked my mom to come over and watch my son during those first few weeks.  I was moving from the apartment into a house, and I had a restraining order on my ex.  She was delighted to come and she brought dad with her.

We were all gathered in the apartment one evening when I said, "Hey my new house has 3 bedrooms: one for me, one for baby and one for you guys..."   I was joking, but they looked at one another and responded, " We were talking about that..."   and the rest is history.

They had been renting a house in another town, and so they stopped renting, loaded up their dogs and cat into the RV and drove west.  It's been 9 months now so we have settled into a bit of a routine, it's crazy and it's awkward and there are moments when we all just stare at one another in a state of mild catharsis... but it works.

The center of the household is my 20 month old son, he is the joy that each of us feels a strong bond with.  He bounces back and forth between Nana and Mama and gives cuddles and kisses on a daily basis.  He is loved profoundly by three very different adults in his household.

I try to raise him as "crunchy" as I can while also working a full time job.  I breastfeed, and come home for lunch specifically for that purpose, we co-sleep, and I demand that at least some of his solid foods be organic. 

Nana and Papa are from a microwave generation, and think I'm out of my ever loving mind.  They are patient to my face regarding most things, but that doesn't stop them from sneaking processed foods and sugars to him when he is in their care.  We go rounds.  

Welcome to our journey




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