What If You Forgot the Last Ten Years?

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What have you done in the last ten years? Have you gotten married? Have you added children to your family? Have you moved? What if one day you hit your head and couldn't remember anything that happened in the last decade? That's exactly what happens to Alice in Liane Moriarty's What Alice Forgot.

Alice wakes from what she thinks is a dream to find herself lying on the floor of the gym. Alice finds this rather odd, as she'd never join a gym. And what the heck is a spin class? Who are all these people who seem to know her?

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While Alice is convinced that it's 1998, she quickly discovers that it's actually 2008. She's 39, not 29. The child she was pregnant with in 1998 is in school and has two younger siblings. The house that she and her husband Nick bought is no longer ramshackle but rather a beautifully finished home. And her and Nick? They aren't exactly her and Nick anymore.

what alice forgot liane moriartyAlice can't understand how all this has happened. How can she not remember the births of her three children? How could she and Nick be on the brink of a divorce? Alice doesn't recognize the person that she's become. People talk to her like she's someone completely different. The Alice they seem to know is confident and capable. She takes charge and makes things happen. Alice can't understand how everything has changed so much.

What Alice Forgot is the kind of book that you read and then pass on to your best friend so that you can talk about it. If you throw this book in your bag before going on vacation this summer, you might just find yourself hoping for rainy days so you can stay inside and read.

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