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         Today I am starting a new life. I have diabetes, neuropathy, HBP, high colesterol and what seems like everything else under the sun. I had all but given up when I thought to myself.....am I worth fighting for....now don't get me wrong I did not come up with the answer right away. On one hand all I could think is I am tired of it all meds, exercising, monitoring food intake...all I was hearing was no no no you are doing it all wrong....it boils down to I was tired of being tired. The other hand is family...I love my family but they are by no means living my life and for as much as I love them I hate what this is doing to my life more. It was a stalemate. Neither in my life was doing me any good or any harm so I am not going to end my life so I have to live it. What better way to do it than looking at and doing this one day at a time. 

          My first order of business I decided on was to quit smoking and I started that a week ago now it was not because of this. I wanted to breath again, but it will not hurt the fact that it is good for all that is ailing me. Next I need to drop all drinks that have any type of sugar, corn syrup, fructose or anything of the like oh yea and caffene that is not good for my diabetes either. Now this can be hard in some things but not in others. I do not drink coffee and I hate diet cola, I like tea but I can wait to have that at home when I brew decaf. On the other hand I really like juice and that will be hard but I guess that fresh fruit will have to due and not be juiced.

            Day one of the rest of my life.....This is going to suck.


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