What Are The Benefits of Ceramides for Hair and Skin?

Ceramides are a life saver for the dry hair or skin girls like me. Let me tell you, having dry skin is the pits and I know all about it. I am the lucky puppy that has eczema and low porosity hair. Can you imagine the fun I have trying to keep my hair and skin properly moisturized without looking like an alligator?

Showing ceramide rich oils that benefit hair and skin

My unfortunate dryness issues promoted research early in my healthy hair journey that proved to be beneficial for both my skin and hair. I learned about this wonderful substance called ceramides. Ceramides are the fats in the hair and skin that are responsible for holding the layers of both together. It's the body's version of glue.

Now, there are two types; those occuring naturally in the hair and skin and synthetic ceramides found in various oils. I highly recommend adding oils high in ceramides to your hair and skin regimen. It will both strengthen and moisturize while add a beauty glow. 

In my latest blog post, I share the benefits of ceramides for hair and skin, along with various oils that have the high levels of ceramides that will keep your hair and skin moisturized and healthy. 

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