What are the Best Sources of Omega-3 Fatty Acids?


Though chia seeds are not goitrogenic, or a phytoestrogen, they still have the problem of only containing the ALA version of Omega-3, and so have none of the benefits of EPA and DHA.


So what are better sources of EPA and DHA?  Seafood and fish oils definitely take the cake.  The Omega-3 from these sources are present in much higher concentrations and are more bioavailable, without any of the downsides or dangers of too much flax.  Wild seafood is absolutely essential – there are many many reasons why I wouldn’t recommend farmed seafood (for more info on this, check out my article onGetting to Know Your Meat), one of which is that wild seafood has WAY higher levels of Omega-3 fats.  Sockeye salmon and sardines are the cream of the crop in this regard.  These fish are also very low in mercury and other contaminants so are safer during pregnancy (and, really, for everybody).


If you don’t have access to fresh wild seafood, the next best thing would be fish oil supplements such as krill oil or fermented cod liver oil.  Be sure to buy the highest quality you can find as these supplements have a tendency to go rancid during production and storage in lesser-quality supplements.


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