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BlogHer Original Post

BlogHer Spotlight: BlogHer's mission is, and always has been, to shine a spotlight on the fabulous writing women are doing on the web. Women are creating some of the best content on the web, about every topic under the sun. Our Section Editors scour the Internet to find that great writing for you –- we’ll show you what’s fresh and compelling all in one stop and help you discover new bloggers to enjoy at their own blogs as well as our site.

BlogHer Network: The BlogHer Publishing Network is a collection of more than 3,000 blogs with 55 million readers each month. That’s a lot of reading –- we’ll curate it for you. Follow the links and discover new blogs that you'll want to add to your bookmarks or feed reader.

Member Post: Each day, BlogHer members create hundreds of posts on BlogHer.com. We feature several posts daily from all the fabulous content that lives right here. Member posts that have been featured by an editor contain the label "Featured Member." If you are intrigued, you can find more by clicking More Posts and then All Posts on any topic page. And feel free to create a post yourself and add your voice to the conversation.

BlogHer Original Post: Written by Contributing, Guest and Section Editors and Staff, BlogHer Original posts offer smart conversation on hot topics, exactly what you’d hear at a BlogHer conference. Look for these posts and start a discussion with the BlogHer community -– we’re known for informed, thoughtful and civil discussion.

Syndicated: Sometimes we spot a post out in the wilds of the Internet that we think our community will be particularly interested in. In those cases, rather than pointing you to the writer's blog, we pay the author for the privilege of sharing the whole post with our community here at BlogHer.com. Curious? Learn more about syndication on BlogHer.com and submit a post for consideration and also read our syndication guidelines.

Sponsored Post: Sponsored posts contain content created by BlogHer in exchange for money or other material consideration. BlogHer believes in full disclosure of sponsored content, both on BlogHer.com and in the BlogHer Publishing Network.