No Swim Masks in the Pool: Let Me Parent My Kid, Please!

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I was warned by other well-meaning parents, that I should use a leash, or keep him in the stroller. But he loved walking around and I didn't want to take that from him. What happened on that busy street was an anomaly; I knew the risks didn't outweigh the benefits of the self-confidence he built be being given the freedom to explore on his own within safe parameters that we had set up.

Things happen. Things that you can't predict and sometimes can't stop. But should you let the fear get the better of you. What will happen to kids if we don't let them experience life the way we did? Without bike helmets, without baby gates, and without constant fear that the worst was always lurking around the next corner.

When are we going to take back our kids lives and parent them the way we want to?


Jessica is a SAHM of 3 who spends her time chasing kids and blogs at about her parenting adventures.

Photo Credit: ferronj.


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