What Are You Envisioning?

It's 6:43 p.m., New Year's Eve.
Instead of tuning my guitar, I'm making toast.
Instead of pulling music out for our New Year's Eve service, I'm fluffing a Pillow Pet, readying a video.
My Boy is sick, and my place is here at home with him.

I was struggling an hour and a half ago to write a New Year's Eve post.  Only I was having trouble, because I don't typically make a list of resolutions and outline a plan for accomplishment.  (Plus, my kids were watching WALL-E, and I felt like I was missing out.  Love that movie!  So I took a movie break, and now I'm back.) 

Sure, I have things I want to do.
I absolutely want to print pictures and scrapbook My Boy's last four years of life.  (Somehow life got in the way of scrapbooking.)
I am determined to finish the One Year Chronological Bible I started when My Boy was born.  I only have 200 pages left, out of 1,640!
But those seem more appropriate for a list of things to do, not so formal as to call them resolutions.

I guess I don't like the word "resolution" either.  "Resolve" seems so close to "resign"---which sounds too much like giving up something you really liked.  Let's choose new terminology for a New Year.

How about "envision"?
What's your vision for 2011?

I guess one of my visions for the upcoming year is trying to acknowledge that I've been given a gift of time---time to slow down and be Momma.  No heavy volunteer duties.  No part-or-full time jobs.

My kids are always flying around, "What's next, Momma?" 
"Where are we going in the morning?" 
My answer is always the same, with closed eyes and a half-smile, "Let's just see what tomorrow brings."

I look back on life, and my prayers mimic their questions.
"What's next, Dad?" 
"Where are we going now?"
"When will we get there?"

And a voice older than time is laughing, saying to me,
"Slow down.  Let's just see what tomorrow brings."

Here's to our New Year---365 days full of possibility!

(Look at that beautiful, empty calendar square!  Wonder what we'll do tomorrow...)
Happy New Year!
(This post originally appeared at Life Under a Blue Roof.)


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