What are you going to “fall” for this Fall?

I can smell it…well, if I was back in upstate New York I would—the smell of Fall, the anticipation of a new year, crisp mornings, and sunny afternoons.

With the smell of Fall comes the smell of fall fashion (like a new car smell).  You’re excited to try it on and take it for a test ride.  I often wonder what the trends will be this year and how far the designers will need to travel back in time to jumpstart their creative juices.

The other night, I checked out fall fashions here in California.  I was excited, Christmas had come early, and I got to sneak a peek into Santa’s sack of toys!  So what’s new and exciting with a Fall twist?

  • Florals (not a big fan of in any capacity).
  • Leather (which I totally love)!
  • Bejeweled dresses, jackets, sweaters, purses – you name it (I only like bejeweled shoes).
  • Sensual dresses that are refined (sort of stuffy and prude, but give me a couple drinks – still on the fence about that one).
  • Last but not least black & gold (every woman deserves to be a goddess)!

That’s just the tip of the iceberg.  There are suits, full skirts, winter white-everything, and curvy, and bodacious-you name it!

Since I cannot view all the eye candy drinking a cocktail (which I would love to), I grab a cup of joe (Starbuck’s style) and jump right in!  There are times I cannot focus and find myself spinning like a top.  I’m in total fashion overload, and I am not heading to rehab!  To quote a fellow Jersey girl, “I could die!”  Do you know who I am talking about?

You must realize that with fashion come extremes, just like life and people (did you read my toxic article)?  You can go classy or trashy.  Sometimes I think to myself, “oh that is just a Jimmy Hendrix moment” (don’t give me grief, I love Jimmy), but I remind myself that you can take one part of your body and focus it with one trend and balance out the rest to showcase your direction.  For instance, if you want to wear a floral dress, then don’t add floral shoes, a floral hat, floral panties, and floral gloves (get it)?

I stopped by Bebe because I heard London was calling.  The girls are sweet and helpful and what girl can’t have a conversation about fashion—well, I know a few.  I fell in love (all over again) with houndstooth and I just love this dress:http://www.bebe.com/bebe-Houndstooth-Ponte-Peplum-Dress/dp/B007YGYUTA  I tried it on and Stephanie (a Bebe staffer) also had it on, so we took a moment and took a picture.  This dress was comfortable and cute and you can tell we are both happy in it.  I remember back in my corporate days wearing a houndstooth skirt and pairing it with black heels (red on a Friday) and a silky white blouse with a bow tie.  It’s a gorgeous pattern and I’m glad someone went into their closet and re-introduced it to the world.

For those budget conscious gals out there (and nowadays, who isn’t), pick up a style magazine, circle what you like then head straight to the stores that don’t clean out your bank account.  Go online, go to overstocks, watch an item ‘till it goes on sale, and look online for coupons.  I almost never pay full price and you don’t have to either.

This past weekend I stopped by Nordstrom and took a peek in the Junior’s department.  I had $20 in Nordstrom Notes and found an adorable jeans jacket.  Retail $59.00 but ended up walking away with it for $39.00.  Instead of spending the other $20 on coffee (which is my vice) I also got a cute scarf for $18.00. (see links below)

http://shop.nordstrom.com/s/bp-essential-denim-jacket-juniors/3200829?origin=category&contextualcategoryid=0&fashionColor=Dark+Wash&resultback=389   http://shop.nordstrom.com/s/lulu-print-scarf/3334156?origin=category&contextualcategoryid=0&fashionColor=Camel&resultback=551

The moral of the story is you can participate in fashion trends, but be careful not to turn into a fashion nightmare.  Use coupons and take the time to find or wait for a deal.  Patience my friends…

What’s your FFF (Fall Fashion Favorite)?  Send me pics – I’d love to see them!


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