What are You Learning...Mom?

There's Lots Out There to Learn by Karen Campos http://SuperParentMom.com

What is currently on your “To Learn List?” My what? Your “To Learn List.” Nothing really? Except how to keep your sanity from day to day? I hear you. So maybe my question is really, “How will you learn to keep your sanity from day to day?” What is your go-to plan when you need to learn something? Sometimes we think we have to look inside ourselves to find the answers when the exact opposite might be true. Sorry, that got a little personal. Let me back up a bit.

We are all wired to learn. Continuing to learn has been proven to increase quality and longevity of life for us humans here on planet Earth. So let’s not shy away from it or leave it for the under 18 set. Here are some ideas for your consideration that I will develop more fully in future posts.

Have you nailed down your convictions? You know, those beliefs, the lines in the sand, that define who you are and what your family stands for and why. Maybe? Maybe not? Well, perhaps it’s time to grab paper and pen and write them down. Learn about what’s near and dear to each family member’s heart. Learn about goal setting and how following through can strengthen your family.

Books, books, books! They are your friends. Whether you love to read or listen. They hold information that may not only be new to you, but also encouraging, challenging or comforting. You can borrow or buy them! And there are so many portable formats…hardback, paperback, kindle, digital… you get the point. Your kids benefit from seeing you reading.

Do you have a mentor? In your job? In your marriage or singleness? In your parenting? Mentors are good. They’ve lived a little longer than you have and have already been around the corner you’re just coming up to. They can offer the wisdom of experience, being able to tell you right where the next pothole will be. Good mentors are pure gold.

Challenge yourself to learn something new. It could be as straightforward as a new board game or as complicated as a new language. It could be a new parenting strategy, or marketing strategy, or scripture to memorize, or a closet design or a borrowed recipe. New is typically good…after a little bit of time has gone by. It’s fun to learn together as well as having your own personal space to do so.

I’m talking about just a little bit of time each day here. Not rocket science. Or maybe you do have an interest in rocket science, but even so, just a little time each day. This blog is my new learning adventure and wow what a curve that has been. Someday I might like to learn to play chess. In bite size pieces, between naps and carpools and meal prep. Because there’s lots out there to learn!

What do you need to learn? What do you want to learn?

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