Dreams, 168 Hours and Poetry: What Are You Reading in April?

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I am so happy to see April cruising in. Yes, there will be April showers but in my part of the world we welcome those -- it means it's not snowing. I'm also pleased to see April come back because I think I've found my reading mojo again. I told you all about my reading slump and oh my goodness, it was a long one. I think I've kicked it I look at my shelves right now and I want to start reading all of the books.

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Of course, I can't read them all at the same time but I've got multiple books on the go and plans to start many more during April. At least, that's the plan and my plans frequently awry. Here are a few things I'll be reading this month:

Dreams and Shadows robert cargillI need to finish Robert Cargill's Dreams and Shadows. It was reviews like this one from Book Den that convinced me I had to read it. I started it, became enthralled with it, and stayed up too late reading it. It's a beautiful but deliciously dark book and I had really messed up (but not bad) dreams so I relegated it to daytime reading. If you liked the darker elements of Erin Morganstern's The Night Circus, you might want to pick this novel up. It's also an excellent choice for Carl's annual Once Upon a Time Reading Challenge.

168 Hours: You Have More TIme Than You Think Laura VanderkamOn the nonfiction front, I started 168 Hours: You Have More TIme Than You Think's 168 Hours: You Have More TIme Than You Think. It was Janssen at Everyday Reading who turned me on to this book. I figured that any book that inspired a post about dream jobs (and a very interesting comment section) had to be interesting. It is! I find the thought that everyone has the exact same amount of time in a week -- 168 hours -- extremely comforting. The only downside to this is that my head starts spinning with all the things I could do with just one of those hours and I've been doing them. My April to do list is off to a roaring start.

April is also National Poetry Month so I'll be trying to squeeze a few poems into my reading plans. Aside from a collection of William Shakespeare's sonnets, the only book of poetry I really own is Leonard Cohen'sBook of Longing. (What? You don't like Leonard Cohen? I'm sorry, I don't comprehend that statement.) I'll be picking that up and reading a few poems at random but I think I'll also cruise the poetry section at my local library and pick something up from the stacks. Any recommendations?

What are you reading? Share your list in the comments or use Mr. Linky to share your April lists and book reviews!

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