What Are You Reading in March 2013?

I haven't been reading much lately. I really, really haven't. So far I've finished 11 books this year, which I realize is a very good number for many people but I often read that many or more in a month. I've lost my reading mojo at the moment. Of course, this could have something to do with the fact that we keep getting tv series on DVD from the library. I'm down with blaming it on Battlestar Galatica. Darn those cylons!

But March... I have some hopes for getting my reading mojo back in March.

First off, absolutely must read Jenny Lawson's Let's Pretend This Never Happened. This is our March book for BlogHer Book Club and we're launching our discussions next week. It's going to be my go to book this weekend. Well... when we're not watching Battlestar Galatica that is. ;)

eighty days nellie bly elizabeth bisland I've been reading Matthew Goodman's Eighty Days: Nellie Bly and Elizabeth Bisland's History-Making Race Around the World for a couple of weeks now. I received a copy before it was officially released and I had hoped to have finished it by the release date but February man, it kicked my butt. We bought a new exercise bike last week and I absolutely loathe the exercise bike. I spend most of the time staring at the display panel and willing the clock to go faster. However, this week I discovered that I can prop this book over the display and use the lovely bookmark Darcie sent me to help keep it propped open. When I do this I only check the time between chapters or when I hit a section break in a particularly long chapter. It's working great and I've even been biking a bit longer than my daily goal just so I can squeeze in one more section. A book that can keep me on the exercise bike? That's a good book you guys.

summerset abbey I like to have one lighter book on the go as well so I was happy when Summerset Abbey by T.J. Brown showed up on my library request shelf the other week. It's kind of young adult meets Downton Abbey. Bonus: it's the first book in a series though I caution you not to read the synopsis of the second book though because there are spoilers for the first book in the description. (I took one for the team when I discovered that. You're welcome.) If the comparison to Downton Abbey didn't sell you on the book, go read read this guest post by Teri Brown on Jane Porter's blog. This is my current reward book -- the one I turn to when I've done everything on my to do list.

I also need to pick City of Dark Magic by Marcus Fyte back up again. I was chugging along but put it down and got distracted by SHINY things. This novel was a total impulse buy on my part. I don't normally buy books on impulse these day but what is really unusual is that it was the cover blurb from Conan O'Brien that sold me on it. Yes. Really.

Those are the four books I'm hoping to finish this month.

What you are you reading this month?

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