What Are You Taking to BlogHer '09?

First, read What to Wear, Bring, Pack and More: A Guide to BlogHer '09 -- Jes from Events has come up with THE definitive post for beginners!


If you're going, you're probably considering blogging and tweeting, plus taking lots and lots of pictures and video. Tech Contributing Editor Virginia deBolt asks, "What's in Your Traveling Bag?" -- and includes a comprehensive list of gadgets from conference veterans.


When we introduced Groups to BlogHer.com, one of the very first ones created was the all-important: What Are You Wearing to BlogHer? -- if you've got a question, weigh in there!

BlogHer's BeautyHacks maven Susan Wagner has 10 things to pack for your summer getaway (whether it's to BlogHer or elsewhere) -- then she gets real with the essential What to wear to BlogHer (and why to stop worrying about it already)


BlogHer member Shannon's been asking herself: Do I go to Chicago when my baby will be just a few weeks old by then?

Her Bad Mother responds with a tale of her own trip to BlogHer '08, with eight-week-old baby Jasper in tow.