What Are You Waiting For?

Unprofessional Cookery

It’s the day after St. Patrick’s day.  You’re probably sitting there, praying to St. Bibiana for sweet, merciful relief from all those Irish Car Bombs right now.  Meanwhile, you’re being placated from the flop sweat anxiety of visions of last night by the sweet and gentle voice of Unprofessional Cookery.

Or maybe you didn’t go to NYU.  Either way, you might want to get some food in you there, tiger.  Why not score some for free with that luck of the Irish?

All you gotta do is shake the fog from your head for like 30 seconds and like the Unprofessional Cookery page on Facebook.  That’s it!  No forms to fill out, we won’t stalk you for anything else.  We just want to give you stuff.  Stuff that tastes good from Anarchy In A Jar.

Anarchy in a Jar, a Brooklyn based jam company founded by Laena McCarthy, produces over 14 varieties of jams, jellies and preserves.  Each batch of jam is made from natural products and is sweetened only enough to preserve the fruit and enhance the flavor.  Anarchy in a Jar prefers to source ingredients from local farmers whenever possible.  Every unique batch of jam is made with love and old world preservation techniques.  You can find out more about these delicious spreads by clicking here.

We’ll announce the winners on March 26, so let those fingers do the walking.  The most fortunate winner will have his or her free jar of jam shipped anywhere in the world ASAP.  It’ll be like the second coming of Christmas!

So click the photo above, where you will be gently escorted to the Facebook page, no thinking involved.  Which is nice, because you probably feel like you have three braincells left today, two of which are on vacation.


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