What Are Your Organization's Values?

A good marketing plan, like all organizational processes, is grounded in the organization’s values. Values are the implicit and explicit beliefs about people, relationships, and community which guide your organization’s decisions and actions. They are ethical ideals to which your organization consistently aspires.

You can use the following questions to guide a discussion involving multiple stakeholders about the values of your organizations. After collecting sufficient input, draft a values statement that incorporates all of the most pertinent ideas. This statement should be used to ground and guide all of your organizational activities, including marketing. If your organization has a code of ethics, vision and mission statement, or other relevant document, review it in light of these questions to ensure it fully reflects the values of your organization today.

  • What does our organization believe about organizational practice?
  • What does our organization believe about humanity?
  • What does our organization believe about community?
  • What does our organization believe about the world?
  • How do these beliefs drive our organization?
  • How do these beliefs limit our organization?
  • Why are these beliefs important to our organization?
  • How are these beliefs integrated into our organization’s activities?
  • How does our organization communicate its values — both formally and informally?
  • What are our organization’s ethical positions?
  • What ideas are central to our organization’s existence?
  • What are our organization’s ideals?
  • Are any of our organization’s beliefs harmful, irrelevant, or inaccurate? Carefully examine these to uncover your organization’s true beliefs.

This blog post is an excerpt from my new book, The Fruition Coalition Marketing Plan Workbook.


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