What ball do you chase?


     Steps4Health tweets and blogs nutrition and fitness information. This particular blog posting is just a lighthearted reflection on some of the sports games we play for fun and fitness. Do you play a sport? Do you play a sport where you must chase a ball? When you hear the phrase, "Let's go hit some balls," which sport do you think of? Do you think of golf, tennis, baseball, or other sports?

     Golfers want to go hit some balls, so do tennis players. How many ways can you "hit the ball" - tennis players use different strokes -backstroke, volley, sometimes they even "shave" the ball. All of this to keep the game going, keep the ball in the court, challenge your skills, beat your opponent, raise your score, and make some points.

     If tennis is too slow for you, and if you are quick, you have racquetball, a "faster" chase. One or more people in an enclosed room hitting, reaching, moving, striking a pose time and time again to pound the ball. Racquetball players are sometimes prone to injuries, and as soon as they heal, they return to chasing the little blue ball. Back to golf, some play it or say it is like an addiction. The challenge for golfers is choosing which iron to use when they hit the ball. Each "tap" or "hit" yields a different result; each time moving the ball closer and closer to the hole.

     The beginning of this month starts "March Madness" where hitting the ball is not the goal, rather ... placing the ball ... in the basket. Can you relate to this - standing at the free throw line practicing your three point shot - over and over again. Isn't it hard sometimes to end your practice session - "let's see if I can just make one more basket." It is hard to pull yourself away from "shooting hoops." Placing the ball in the basket "takes over" or consumes your mental focus, until the ball sinks into the basket, giving you the thrill of accomplishment!  Here's to sports and the pursuit of the ball, while improving your health and fitness!

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