What is BlogHer's political orientation? And are you just for Americans?

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BlogHer is a nonpartisan, global network.

We created the BlogHer Network as an opportunity for all kinds of women bloggers to gain greater exposure, education and community.

You can expect to see women of all political stripes blogging on the BlogHer Network. In order to track what's hot in Politics & News, we consciously chose to have editors covering American political bloggers on the left as well as on the right.

Because BlogHer isn't just for Americans, we'd like to draw your attention to what's hot in blogging by women around the world.

We're eager to begin a discussion on how BlogHer can work to assist women bloggers in every corner of the globe and in more than one language. Would you like to help? Contact Co-founder Lisa Stone at lisa-AT-BlogHer-DOT-com. Please indicate your region and/or culture and languages in which you have written fluency.