What to Buy on the Sale Racks: Summer/Fall

End of season sales have some stupendous deals but sometimes its hard to figure out what to shop for. Maybe you snag a cute skirt on clearance that you get to wear once before it gets to be too cold then it sits in your closet for 9 months until next summer. By then it may be out of style or your tastes may have changed. Argh! So how do you avoid the clearance rack regret next year? Here's some tips to shop end of season clearance racks to get the best deals on clothes you will wear again and again. These tips also work when shopping thrift stores

 Shop Classic Prints

Houndstooth, plaid, tweed, herringbone, brocade, and geometric prints are classic prints that are always popular in the colder months. A classic boot cut herringbone pant will last many seasons and always stays in style. Plaid button down shirts make a comeback every year, just make sure it is fitted so you don't look like a lumberjack. Any of these prints work in outerwear jackets as well, so make sure to check out pre-season sales for jackets when shopping at the end of summer. Also, stripes and polka dots are season-less and work year round.

Seek Out Seasonal Colors

Fall and winter are partial to rich hues, especially jewel tones. Emerald is really big this year so try to find something in it, even just a scarf or necklace, which will make your fall wardrobe seem very of the moment. Also look for royal purple, burgundy, navy blue, gold, and other rich tones that are great for bundling up weather. Cobalt was really popular earlier this year so you should be able to find a lot of clothes on the sale rack in it.

Look for Layering Pieces

Lightweight blouses are sold during the summer and are great for layering under sweaters and cardigans come fall, so keep an eye out for them on sale racks. I especially love tie-neck blouses under sweaters. Cardigans are sold year round and you can get great discounts at the end of the season. Trousers and jeans are also sold year round, but stay away from cropped cuts because they are not as versatile come colder months. Medium weight skirts and dresses are also wearable year round and can be worn alone or with tights and a sweater.Wrap dresses fall into this category as well but make sure they cover your shoulders since you will be wearing them into the fall. Since you are looking for items to layer, steer clear of bows on short sleeves, studs or rivets, or other raised parts that would look odd or bunchy under a sweater.


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