What Can You Learn from Blog-to-Book Authors?

Despite what some people might say, the blog to book trend continues to have a hold on the publishing industry. Successful blogs still provide acquisition editors with the closest thing they can find to a successfully test marketed book--or a sure bet.

Bloggers are getting discovered and landing book deals while aspiring authors are still struggling to get noticed by agents and publishers. What do all those blog-to-book authors know that some other authors don't?

For starters, they know how to produce a successful blog. That's right. They know how to blog.

And they know how to get readers to that blog--lots of readers. Maybe they simply write good enough content that they don't have to do anything to drive traffic to their blogs. But, it's possible that they know some things about how to promote their work online, and that gets more readers to their blog.

They also know how to turn their blogs into books. Yes, they have had the large task of repurposing their posts into a book. They didn't blog a book; they booked a blog. So, they know a thing about what that entails.

And they know how to keep blogging to promote their book after it's been published.

If you'd like to learn from bloggers who have landed blog-to-book deals, take a trip over to How to Blog a Book, the blog, and series of success stories published there. (It runs July-August 2012 and then at least one will be published per month on the blog after that point.)

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