What A Challenge

Since this month's blog challenge deals with the "relative," I've taken the time to review some of my familial characters. Every family, whether that of birthright or of adoption, carries with it a cast of characters fit for any novel ever written. There are the veterans within many families who have some cracker jack stories from their service days that would put Hemingway's efforts to shame.

Okay, so I'm prejudiced about some of those things. I admit it. The truth does speak through our families, though. There's the grandmother who began life shortly after the Civil War, lived through WWI after losing her husband to Spanish Flu, survived the Great Depression while caring for two more husbands and five children, and then became a Cougar. 

There's the fringe relations who had more than their share of obstacles who all cared for each other in the same household until they died off, one by one. 

You see how the cast of a person's life begins to swell. 

When I began this challenge, I took it literally. Others took different angles with the prompt's meaning. That's okay. In the end, my take on this has given me a chance to find more material that had been hiding in shadows for years. It allowed me to see from a distance this group of living and dead that was necessary for objectivity and understanding of things, perhaps misinterpretted for long years.

This challenge is cleansing in nature, at least for me. There's a chance to slay personal demons, it's true, but it's also true that there's an opportunity to recapture the blessings granted long ago, which had been neglected since.

I don't know exactly who chose this pronpt, but I want to thank that individual for placing it in my path and at this time.

Til Later,




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