What Color Is Your Brain?

What Color Is Your Brain


I recently read and reviewed a book by Sheila N. Glazov. Her book "What Color Is Your Brain?" helps readers understand their brain type and personality type. I took her quick and easy test at the front of the book and discovered I am a yellow brain. I guess that's good to know. But what exactly does that mean?

The yellow brain is the temporal lobe section in which rules are the foundation of your thinking process. A blue brain is the occipital lobe in which physical ability is primary. The green brain is the parietal lobe in which information processing is essential. The orange brain is the frontal lobe which implies constant movement physically and mentally. Once I discoverd that I was a yellow brain I found out that:


I see myself as: dependable, punctual, & responsible

I am naturally: respectful and concerned

I value: traditions & stability

My attitutde is: strong sense of right & wrong

My priorities are: organization & accountability

In the workplace I am: prepared, committed, & detailed

In my personal relationships I am: practical & serious

As a child I was: "The Model Student"

Others may see me as: predictable, inflexible, & controlling

I deal with change by: developing a plan to implement change

My stress factor is: dealing with disorganization

When I am frustrated: I can become anxious & worry

To encourage my self-confidence: acknowledge my loyalty


Here I am in a nutshell. This assessment of my personality and character was spot on. I was truly shocked and amazed that a simple test could tell so much about my core being. The book at first seems complex and difficult to understand, but once you start reading and really look into your own habits and compulsions you will truly be able to identify with your brain color. Helpful clues and quotes are offered here as well as real life examples of people and their experiences in the workshop. If you would like to learn more about the author and why she wrote this book you can find an interview in the back pages. Become a more effective communicator and minimize the stress in your life.





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