What Did You Learn at a Previous BlogHer Food Conference?

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In two weeks, food bloggers and lovers from all over will gather in Seattle for BlogHer Food '12. It's hard to believe it's really almost here! The excitement is continuing to build among our attendees and speakers, and we're getting excited right along with you. This week, for our bite-sized interview question with some of our speakers, I decided to ask a question that might be in the minds of people who have never attended a BlogHer Food conference before:

What's something you have learned at a previous BlogHer Food conference?

I know when I'm about to attend a new conference, I always wonder if there will be a good takeaway for me, if it will be relevant to who I am and where I am. I loved asking two separate speakers because I got two separate answer from different points-of-view as to what qualifies as a good takeaway from a conference.

Their answers are unique and encouraging.

Sean Timberlake of Hedonia and Punk Domestics will be emceeing on Day Two in a fun-filled session of Food Techniques from the Pros. His tip taught me something I didn't know either since I wasn't there, which is why it's always great to ask past attendees what they learned!

I've been at every BlogHer Food conference, and have managed to take away many great learnings from each of them. One of my favorites was at BlogHer Food '10 in San Francisco, where I live-blogged a session on food styling. One of the best takeaways was that, when shooting things like stews, which tend to come off as a goopy brown mess, steam some of your vegetables separately, and add them in at the last minute so they pop against the darker, muddier color of the stew. This is a technique I've used many times since then.

Photo by Justin Hackworth from our Food Styling Session in 2010.

Now I want to go make some stew and photograph it! Between now and the conference, you can follow Sean on Twitter via @punkdomestics or @Hedonia on Twitter.

Andrew Wilder of Eating Rules and Blog Tutor will be speaking on Day One during the vocation track, Vocation: Get to Know Your Blog's Guts and Take Control of Your Blogging Destiny. His takeaway from previous BlogHer Food conferences might calm our new attendees a little bit.

I've learned that if you're friendly and outgoing, you can meet fabulous people and make new friends, and you never know where a friendship is going to take you. So don't be shy, get out there and introduce yourself! Also, wear comfy shoes. Seriously.

No really. Comfy shoes are a must. Here's another tip: To get to know more about your blog's guts before BlogHer Food, follow @blogtutor on Twitter.

As you can see from Sean and Andrew's answers, you might learn something technical and helpful or you might make great, lifelong friends. Probably both, and a lot of everything in between.

With the conference only two weeks away, I am sad to announce that this is our last speaker interview post. Next week, I'll be bringing you the best from Twitter buzz about #blogherfood/#blogherfood12. The following week, I'll be rounding up some great pre-conference posts from the blogosphere, so be sure to write in your space about what you're excited to do/see/eat/hear/experience at BlogHer Food '12! I hope you've enjoyed these little bite-sized interview, and look for more as we gear up for BlogHer '12 in NYC!

(Don't forget: You can still register to attend BlogHer Food '12. Go get your ticket!)


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