What a Difference a Doctor Can Make

My friend Michele commented to me last night that I must've been really busy because I hadn't posted in a week.
I think I was pre-occupied.
The twins had their evaluation with our new superfly pediatrician. The entire process took over TWO hours...which is most likely the longest any medical professional EVER looked at them. We sat and talked about what they can and what they cannot do and she made like a bazillion notes.
We've got the paperwork for the testing via the school system now, but more importantly we've got a doctor who wants to aggressivly pursue medical diagnosis and therapy.
She even said she'd call me back with doctors for referrals, doctors who TAKE our insurance.
The tact she says she's going to take is that because HMOs don't LIKE autism as a diagnosis, we have to come at this with every MEDICAL possibility in order to get them diagnosed and make insurance pay for treatment.
So we're gonna see all kinda specialists, all of whom will just happen to have experience with autism in addition to being, oh say, an ENT, or an Audiologist, or say, a psychologist etc.

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