What a Difference a Week Makes


All snuggled in her coat ready for a walk in the dog stroller

It is hard to believe it has now been a week since Joie came into our lives.  I continue to be amazed at how seamlessly she has fit right in with me, John and Kylie. This is my first dog I got from a rescue situation, so I wasn’t sure what to expect. But it seems like Joie was meant to be here. This was her destination. My heart sings that she chose us. She glided right into hanging out with me in my writing cottage, running errands perched in her car seat, going for walks in her stroller with Kylie walking next to her, and loves to be with me wherever I am.  She sleeps in a kennel next to our bed, on my side, as that was John and I thought would be best.  She is happy in what I have dubbed her “pink camper” because it is a soft sided pink kennel with screen sides.  She is really good about going in it at night and immediately starts her “snorkel” process of finding her way under her blanket.

Yesterday I visited my best friend who works at a hospice community in our area. This is the hospice Frankie and I used to do therapy dog work. I don’t yet know if Joie will be a therapy dog as that will be up to her. I also don’t know if we will concentrate our efforts at the same facilities as Frankie and I did– but maybe try other avenues if it is to be that she becomes a therapy dog.  For now, I have to be honest and say I want her all to myself.  So time will tell.  We’ve also got work to do in getting her up and running in her wheels and I hope to take her to a specialist in about one to two weeks for advice on physical therapy, etc.  But John and I feel like her front legs have actually become a bit stronger in the week since she has been here.  I keep her in a child’s onesie which protects her belly that is healing from an infection and helps give her nice traction across our wood floors.

I also decided the other day that since we don’t know exactly when her birthday is (previous owner thinks sometime in March), that since she came to us on October 13th, her birthday will be March 13th.

Later this afternoon, Joie will experience her first chiminea fire as we relax on the deck for the perfect ending to this perfect fall day… and quite frankly, perfect week.  We will roast hot dogs and relish in our new little bundle with Kylie at our side too.  Did you like the play on hot dog and relish?  Don’t mind me…. I can get quite silly when I am happy!

Barbara Techel

Award winning author of Frankie the Walk 'N Roll Dog book series




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