What a difference a year makes!!!!

It is two days until the end of November.  At the Manor,  we have three trees up with lights and that's all.    Our son is coming tonight to pick up the old green sectional sofa that came with us from the house we sold last winter.   Really not having room for it in "This Old Stone House" with its two front parlors as opposed to a "great room", I am happy for the progeny and his roomies to have it.  The comfy old sofa will suit them to a tee.   My husband will mourn the loss but he will survive, I have no doubt!

That being said, the spouse is considering two simlarly styled sofas at a local consignment shop with an eye to having them recovered in the new year.  They are similar in colors so would compliment each other until then. 

It's kinda weird because this time last year, we had just moved into the Manor after working on it for weeks trying to get to a point where we could live there.  Bought from an estate, it is a historical property that had been empty for a couple of years.   The better half had to replace toilets and sinks and put new shower heads in both bathrooms prior to our occupation and the only thing working in the kitchen was the old fridge.

Still, I wanted to take the burden of Christmas Eve family gathering off of my Mom, whose house had become the de facto place for the Christmas Eve and Thanksgiving.  We couldn't quite pull off having the Thanksgiving event last year but with a microwave, toaster oven and a two-unit electric hot plate from the store, we managed to pull off the Christmas Eve party at our new digs.  Electric lights were wound around the stone pillars on the front porch and wrapped around the railing on the balcony.  Our nine-foot artificial tree looked magnificent next to the staircase.  We managed to pull it off, much to our amazement, however slapped together everything seemed to be.

This year tho', we have been shopping for decorations specifically for this home.  A rustic look in one of the parlors and traditional in the other.  I hope to have pix by next week to share.  New appliances in the kitchen and many new improvements to show off.

Can't wait to get started!!!!




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