Racial prejudice is most barefaced at the black people. When the Africans were sold to slavery and bought by their Caucasian masters in America, the battle for equality of rights between the blacks and white people were tediously long and bitter.  Though, it is not as considerably "right-in-your-face" these days anymore, racism still prevails.

You may wonder why Caucasians in America are the ones who attack racial tirades at the minority. I am not sure why. But perhaps because of their knowledge that once, eons and eons ago, Caucasian people hold a superior attitude due to their skincolor, among all other nations and ethnicities on earth. Or maybe the obvious fact that Caucasians are the majority population in the U.S. of A. Or maybe because they think were the race that brought democracy and freedom to this nation. 

However,  what about other ethnicities such as Asians? We all know that American TV and movies usually portray anyone with Asian features as kicking-butt heroes or villains, or some as the nerdy sci-fi geeks or even medical and scientific experts.  That is actually so cool, but most oftentimes, they cast these characters as "Japanese" or "Chinese" regardless of the actor's actual nationality.  Thus, Filipino actors do not play out a Filipino doctor role (lest he/she may be touted as inept) but instead as a Thai hooker, or dumb Asian reporter, or a Chinese martial arts expert /spy. 

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