What To Do On A Date?

On the First Few Dates

When you first meet someone and start dating the best way to propel the relationship forward is through communication.  You are in the fun phase of dating where you are getting to know each other.  The first few dates should give you ample time to learn a lot about each other.  This may sound obvious, but a new restaurant is a great setting for chatting the night away.  If you worry that going to dinner may become a redundant activity, add some other elements to the date.  Make a reservation for 8:00pm and plan to meet at 7:00pm.  Pick a place in a cool part of town with restaurants, galleries and cute shopping.  Start off by walking around town and perusing the local shops, all the while talking and getting to know each other.  By the time you have walked around for an hour you will be ready to sit down, enjoy a glass of wine, eat and the conversation is already flowing. 

A Few Weeks Into Dating

You have been getting to know each other for a few weeks and you are having fun. So now it is time to add some interesting elements to your dates.   Over the past few weeks you have learned about your date’s interests so now plan something fun, keeping those interests in mind.  Find a nice outdoor concert, bring a bottle of wine and some snacks.  Arrive an hour before the concert to talk and enjoy the atmosphere.   Another great option is a sporting event as it gives you something exciting to watch and talk about.  If you both enjoy wine, go wine tasting on a nice day. There are a ton of wineries that have tastings in beautiful settings.  A lot of people enjoy dancing and now in your dating is a great time to shake your booty and have the opportunity to feel each others bodies.  Find a hot Latin bar with dancing and salsa the night away.  Being active and planning activities will impress your date. You will both have a lot of fun and likely learn more about one another too.

Seriously Dating

Now it’s time to get cozy.  Order in, rent a movie and enjoy yourselves.  You can also choose to make your loved one dinner. There are many fabulous blogs that share recipes, so find something both would like and get all the ingredients ready. When your significant other shows up you can either have it prepared or make it together. It can be a turn on to cook together.  Another option if you like the theater is to get great seats and see a show.   Plan to grab a bite first so you are not too hungry.  After the show go back to your place for an evening cocktail…and enjoy yourselves ;) ~T2B

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