What to do if you catch your fella perving at somebody else's fun bags.

Now on a good day I'm a size 14 on a bad day when I hate the world im a size 16. I'm a brunette, brown eyes good size boobs and a massive arse. I'm 5,8' so my flabby bits have a long way to spread out to. If I stand tall with my shoulders back its almost as if said flabby bits don't exist! (I said almost.)  I've just been away for two weeks with A my current boyfriend of over two years and it was amazing. Last year we went away together for the first time. We were all over each other, so in love and no one else got a look in. I was also at my heaviest. But it didnt matter if it was like looking at Shamu in a bikini, he made me feel like Halle Berry in THAT bikini in that James Bond film she was in. And he was my Daniel Craig. Totally different films I know but you can see what I mean.  This year however we both decided we needed to lose weight for our holiday. Now don't get me wrong I love giving my man or any man something more to grab on to and would happily stay the way I am but seriously how do I get a stomach like Beyonce's? Luckily after Christmas I suffered quite a bad virus and dropped abit of weight so the 1509 pigs in blankets I'd consumed over the Christmas period now only seemed like 150. Apart from a couple of boozy weekends before our holiday I was happier and felt alot healthier. I've already mentioned in another blog A lives a long distance away so it's alot harder encouraging each other to eat healthier before we went away. I'd lost count the amount of times he said he was going to get 'ripped' before we went away together. So I was slightly pissed of this holiday he was at his heaviest. Don't get me wrong I love him I really do but maybe that's what annoyed me so much catching him perving at some skinny minnie. At the beginning of the holiday we had a row about him not being as affectionate as he had been on our previous holiday and couldn't help but compare the two which in return pissed him off. He used to be like a lost puppy following me everywhere so what had changed on this holiday? Had he gone off me? Cheated on me? Had I done something wrong? We also rowed about his lack of effort especially with himself (more on that another time) I try to make myself look as nice as I can for him so why does he think he can be a Pervy Peter?? Now don't get me wrong I am a pervert I said on our last holiday please don't let me catch you looking at another girl when it turned out he had to be the one to tell me to stop looking at this blonde girls boobs (seriously they were amazing!) This time however I decided if I caught him in the act either give him my sad puppy dog eyes (which resulted in some attention for me) or casually say 'oh I didn't realise skinny blonde girls were your type' if all that fails join in. Honestly pointing to the girl before he even saw her 'now that would be the type of girl I'd go for' reminded him that why look else where when I've got my own filthy girl with me? Then take him back to the hotel room for a squeeze on my own fun bags.


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