What To Do If You Suspect Mold in Your Home


Long before you suspect hidden mold in your home you are feeling the effects.  You would never associate them with mold at first.  Depression.  Foggy brain.  Memory problems.  Chronic fatigue.  Joint pains.  Crankiness.  Sinus inflammation.  Gut inflammation.  Fibromyalgia.  The list goes on.  Your child has sensory problems.  Maybe an autism or adhd diagnosis.  Your husband and you fight all the time.

But one day you learn the truth.  It can be the most scary and the most liberating moment you've had in a decade:  you have mold in your home and it's been making you all sick for years.

At our second doctor's appointment, the doctor took one look at our bloodwork and told us we had to sell our home.  My husband was incredulous, but a quick read of the book Surviving Mold told us all we needed to know.  Selling our home wasn't feasible, but remodeling was.  We took the doctor's advice and hired a mold inspector and a mold remediator who advised us to remove all the bathrooms and the kitchen.  We have now fallen through the mold rabbit hole and are making our way through a world full of insurance claims, forensic architects and fervent remodeling planning.  We are dearly hoping to emerge from this world with a beautiful newly rebuilt home and a new mortgage we can somehow afford.

If you suspect mold in your home, or if you have any of the symptoms listed above, the following steps will save your life:

  • Learn about mold illness and its treatment by reading the book Surviving Mold:  Life in the Era of Dangerous Buildings
  • Find an excellent mold doctor by visiting http://www.presenting.net/sbs/molddoctors.html
  • Have your mold doctor determine your HLA DR type using PCR sequence specific chain reaction technique by Lab Corp (012542)
  • If your HLA DR type is mold sensitive, you must remove yourself from the moldy environment 
  • Follow your doctor's instructions for detoxing and creating a clean home for yourself
  • Avoid future exposure to mold



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