What to do With Incoming Gray: Hide it, Blend it, or Go With it?

Photo courtesy of TheBeautyStop.com.

I have yet to get a single gray hair — I swear on my late Great Grandma Gray’s very full head of gray hair (she had a few strays on her face too, but it totally worked for her).

When the time comes, I may turn to Frederic Fekkai, the superstar of New York hair care.  Fekkair says, “There are degrees of gray. We start out with a few gray hairs. More come in and we get up to about 20 percent, then 30 percent, and eventually our hair is over 50 percent gray. That’s the natural progression of gray hair (for most women).”

Fekkai’s advice comes courtesy of last week’s Huffington Post article, “To Gray or Not to Gray: Aging Gracefully in the Modern World,” by Barbara Hannah Grufferman: “Once your hair is over 50 percent gray, Frederic said we could consider the following options.”

  • Do what the vast majority of women do: color the roots every three to five weeks (single process) and maybe combine with occasional highlights (double process)
  • Instead of covering the gray, let the gray hair grow in, and apply highlights and low-lights through the hair to blend with the gray…creating depth and contrast
  • Go gray all the way!

The first option hides the gray, but the single process is Frederic’s least favorite choice. He says, “very often women who do this create a single block of color, with very little contrast (especially if it’s too dark or too light) and this can age you, draining your face.”

Forget that.

Fekkai’s next option seems like a better idea: “He encourages us to run the highlights and lowlights right through the brown and gray hair, creating a beautiful mix of natural colors. It’s a more modern, fresh look and, he thinks very sexy, because it’s an interesting way to embrace your hair, and your age, without going completely gray”

Fresh and sexy over something that ages me? Yes, please.

Fikkai says going gray all the way could be the right choice for some: “Letting your hair go gray is an option that women should consider, too. If you’ve already been coloring your graying hair, it might take a little longer to get to where you want it to be, but this might be the most bold way to embrace–and proudly show off–your age. Think of Helen Mirren and Jamie Lee Curtis as great examples of women who have let their gray go, and look fabulous.”

That doesn’t sound like the route I’ll take, but it’s good to have options — especially one that doesn’t cost any money.

Time will (show) and tell.

Kami Gray

TV/Film Wardrobe Stylist & Personal Image Consultant: http://kamigray.com/

Author of The Denim Diet: Sixteen Simple Habits to Get You Into Your Dream Pair of Jeans


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