What to Do With Leftover Pumpkin

PumpkinI'm willing to bet that immediately after Thanksgiving, Google saw the number of searches for "leftover turkey" skyrocket. A comparable search for vegetarians would have to be "leftover pumpkin," though having half or two-thirds a can of leftover pumpkin after the holidays is certainly not a strictly vegetarian problem. Many recipes call for just a half or a whole cup of pureed pumpkin, but the standard can contains about 1 1/3 cups. I hate to think of all the pumpkin that goes into a storage container, then into the refrigerator, and finally into the garbage after a few days. It's needless waste since there's plenty you can do with that pumpkin once everyone's finished devouring your pumpkin cheesecake. Using Veg Blog Search, I've tracked down a wealth of recipes that use less than a can of pumpkin. So before that leftover pumpkin starts to grow a green coat, get up and put it to one of these good uses:

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