What To Do With My Old iPhone?

I have a little known secret: I still have every iPhone i've ever bought. I remember it just like it was yesterday...it wasn't. I was in summer school in undergrad and the iPhone had just released in my area. I stood in line for what seemed hours before I dropped my entire summer savings on the iPhone. Looking back, I could have just waited until someone else bought the 3G....but I just HAD to have it!

old iphone

Enough of the flashback, let's get to the question!


I have a iPhone 4s and I just recently updated to the new iPhone 5c (in yellow, of course). What do I do with my old iPhone?

Sell it? Trash it? 





Well Lisa, no worries, I have a few solutions for you.

Solution #1: Restore, Update and Gift!

old iphone

Before I started hoarding all of my gadgets, I would pass mine down to family and friends who at the time wanted the Apple experience but could not update or just entered into a contract. My mother will tell the story of how her Razr decided to jump into the sink and she was out of a phone. Being the lovely daughter I am, I handed her my OG iPhone (1st generation) and she survived until it was time for an upgrade. She's stuck with her iPhone 4 for the time being...but whatever works for her! Bottom line, pass it along and throw a case on it. I'm sure they will love you forever!

Solution #2: Sell!

old iphone

Now that the latest iPhone has been out for a few weeks and most folks have received the color of their choice--minus the holdouts for the gold-- the price is has fallen drastically. Gazelle has been a long time seller of used electronics and is one of the leaders in buying back old iPhones.

For the 4s, you are looking at about $170-180, depending on the condition. The 5 is about $275-285 depending on condition.

picture of old iphone


You can get a little bit more traction on the e-commerce bidding site but always ship on time and beware of the scammers.

Craigslist is always another option, but always take caution when buying/selling on the website. I recommend meeting prospective buyers and sellers in a place that is fairly public i.e. coffee shop, electronics store, etc.

Solution #3: Keep it!

As a person who tries to hold on to everything, I am a big advocate for saving things for future generations. That and I am just too attached to my electronics. If neither of the above options work, I say keep it! You never know when you are going to need it. (Gym, airplane, that long car ride to grandmas.)

Well that's all folks! Lisa, I hope I helped you out :)

If you want to submit for the next ASK CGGD, drop me a line at ask@citygirlgoesdigital.com. Don't worry, I don't bite!

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