How Do Personal Trainers Stay Fit?

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I am not perfect. I know. This may come as a surprise and you may need to sit to digest that little nugget. But, I do not live on kale alone. (Actually, I  prefer spinach over kale, and I can’t stand kale chips.)  I am not constantly pumping out lunges.

Recognize that you too are not perfect and this whole healthy living thing will get a lot easier. Yes, you will slip up. Yes, you will stay on the couch when you know that you should be exercising.

Realize that and then take the steps to avoid it. These steps involve:

  • Planning and prepping your meals every week.
  • Scheduling your workouts, just as you would an important appointment.
  • Registering for an exercise class, or hiring a trainer – spending money on fitness will help to keep you accountable.
  • Having a fitness buddy to lean on. (Our GFG community has a private Facebook page where they pick each other up all the time.)
  • Not having the crap that you tend to binge on in the house in the first place.

Case in point, I cannot say “no” to cookies. I love cookies, and when there are cookies in the house, I have to eat them. All.

So, I counteract this by not buying any cookies. Simple, right?

However, what about those times when I have to have a cookie and will kill someone if I don’t?  I make a deal with myself. I tell myself that if I am willing to put my shoes on, get my jacket on, get Bella’s leash (cause when you have a dog you can never leave the house alone), walk to the store, buy the cookies or ingredients for the cookies, walk back home, and then bake them then I must really want cookies.

If I go through all that, then I eat the damn cookies and I eat them guilt-free. 90% of the time I do not go to get the cookies. The other 10% I make myself work for those buggers.

Know what your triggers and slip-ups are, and then prepare for them and they will happen a lot less often.  Try these prepping tips to help make your meal planning and prepping easier.


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