What to Do for a Stomach Bug

Does NOTHING Help a Stomach Bug??

I recently got this question and thought it would be great to cover it on The Daily Dose.

Here's a ICU Nurse Tip for Stomach Bugs:  We use this to help people get re-hydrated. Wait at least 30 minutes after throwing up to even try to get some liquids. Then, mix water with clear juice and whatever  you do, DO NOT give more than a teaspoon at a time and wait 5 minutes between small sips.  The liquids will be absorbed in the mouth and esophagus before they reach a very irritated stomach, so are less likely to come back up.

It's just like gold-i-locks, the liquids can't be too bland, or too sweet, and it has to be tiny amount. Keep giving teaspoons every 5 minutes for 20 minutes, once the person can tolerate that, then try a Tablespoon every 5 minutes. Soon they'll have been able to keep down 1-2 ounces and will be feeling better.

For Nausea - take a tip from scuba divers who are often on tiny zodiac boats bobbing up and down in the swells. We always carry a little candied ginger in our packs to suck on to alleviate seasickness. But you don't have to be on the high seas to see the benefit:  Try Ginger ale, ginger cookies, even small sips of ginger beer to help with nausea.  Remember nausea gets worse and can lead to a whopper of a headache, so stay hydrated.

You can also try a B complex vitamin to help with nausea and stomach bugs.

For Diarrhea, hands down, Immodium is the ticket -  I carry it with me, however, if diarrhea persists for more than 12 hours, then get yourself to urgent care or to a health care provider.

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