What to do when your blog isnt getting the attention you want

I have recently been experiencing a little bit of frustration because my Beauty Bytes blog isn't getting the traffic I had hoped it would. I think to myself "what am I doing wrong?" Maybe my content isn't interesting enough or its not original enough to gain an audience. For the past week, I have been thinking all sorts of reasons, but then I realized something, you have to start from the bottom before you can reach the top. Every blogger has experienced a day when they feel like a total failure because their blog isn't getting the response they hoped for. What I tell myself and will share with you is not to give up, keep posting the things that you think others will find interesting, all it takes is that one person who will come in and just LIKE everything you've posted. Once you get at least one person to follow you it's all downhill from there because he or she will tell their friends then their friends will tell other friends and that's how the ball gets rolling. You will experience days of frustration but the main thing is not to give up because one day you will wake up, check your blog and see many people have visited and starting following your posts. Keep your head up and keep smiling :)


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