What to Do When Your Online Reputation is Attacked

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I am thankful almost daily that the social media of today didn't exist when I was in college or at the start of my career. I could see immaturity trumping judgment in a moment of anger or weakness and whoosh - there goes the status update you can never take back. Here's what you need to do if your online reputation has been attacked.

These days, your online reputation is all of you have. You can post your life activities in 30 different online locations; show everyone what you are eating at any given moment; instantly tell people who you are dating (or whose heart you just broke). You can share everything about yourself online. Sure there are different applicable outlets do share specific items – Facebook for general status’, Twitter for passing thought, Pinterest for pictures, and LinkedIn for work-related stuff.

But once it’s online, it’s there.

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Reputation Attacked

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