What do you believe?

BelieveOriginally posted at A Girl Must Shop

Does anyone else have a favorite word? Mine is believe. It reminds me to hope for better things, to believe in good things and a reminder (because I need one!) to believe in myself.

I'm a total chezball.

I also have a habit of cruising etsy for anything and everything that contains the word "believe". That's how I came across this gorgeous silver believe necklace. I added it as a favorite and went along my merry way.

Shortly thereafter, Buffy from B-Unique shot me an email to let me know my beloved believe necklace was on sale. That's all she had to say since, as we all know, sale is my favorite word!

I found it in my mail box just the other day and it hasn't left my neck - I love it! This picture? Doesn't do it justice - it's amazing! Go check out Buffy's stuff - she's got tons of jewelry and some creative cards, too. I love her bio - this line popped out at me:

"I love making things that make people smile."

Yes, Buffy's my new best friend and soul mate! Go check her out and support a crafter!


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