What Do You Eat?

I often get asked the question, “what do you eat?”  Well, I am here to tell you I eat a lot!  I love food, especially yummy, sweet treats in moderation (moderation is the key word)!!  I am always on the go and can find myself being unprepared while out and about.  On days where I lack in the preparation department, I find myself searching for quick, go to items that are healthy and delicious.  My go to fast food options are Subway turkey breast sandwich and Chik-fil-A’s grilled chicken sandwich.  Add a side of fruit and you are set!  I also have a love for protein bars!  These can be a quick fix when you are in a bind.   There are several types of protein bars to choose from, some better than others.  Some say they are glorified candy bars and while I do agree, they satisfy my sweet tooth and are a better option than cakes and cookies! 

A glimpse into what I typically eat in a day (this varies depending on how much time I have):

Breakfast: protein pancakes or egg white wrap plus fruit

Snack: peanut butter and jelly sandwich, fruit or cheese

Snack: protein shake or chicken breast

Lunch: chicken breast sandwich or a wrap, plus yogurt and fruit, or Subway

Snack: chicken breast sandwich or a protein shake

Dinner: turkey burger with cheese, salad, corn on the cob or fish tacos

Snack: protein shake plus almonds or peanut butter

I love sandwiches, as you can tell!  They are a quick and easy option for busy moms like me who are constantly on the go!  One thing that helps me out tremendously is to cook a big amount of chicken in advance and bag it up in Ziplocs.  It makes it easy to grab a bag and head out the door! 

So, there you have it!  I hope this helps you out with meeting your weight loss goals! 




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